Photo Competition

Details now available and results announced at the AGM in November.

Commitee Meetings

Committee meetings take place every 2 months generally on the first Monday of the month. For minutes of previous meetings please speak to the secretary.

  Where: Vat and Fiddle PH, Queen's Bridge Rd, Nottingham, NG2 1NB (near the Railway Station)

2016 Committe Meeting minutes:
  February (minutes),   April (minutes),   June (minutes),   August (minutes),   Oct (minutes),   Dec (minutes)

2015 Committe Meeting minutes:
  February (minutes),   April (minutes),   June (minutes),   August (minutes),   October (minutes),   December (minutes)

2014 Committe Meeting minutes:
  February (minutes),   April (minutes),   June (minutes),   August (minutes),   October (minutes)   December (minutes)

Events in 2017
8 April 2017 Charnwood in the Spring Audax

2 July 2017 120th Anniversary Meet

14 Oct 2017 Autumn Day Out Audax

12 Nov 2017 AGM

Generic Audax entry form to print and complete, otherwise please use the dedicated event pages to complete an entry form (links above) or available from AUK website.

Contributions to Cyclonda

Contributions of articles, photo, news etc to Cyclonda are welcome and should be sent to the editor, Cathy Melia (tel: 0115 986 4342, email:

If possible, please send any articles in either plain text or MS Word 2003 format. If there are a lot of photos or large attachments then please email Cathy before sending. Typed (or even hand-written) text and printed photos are also acceptable.

Last updated 30 Sep 2017