Notts CTC AGM and Prize Announcements

Alternative Arrangements for 2021

Voting has been completed in this year's online AGM arrangements. All three motions were passed unanimously.
For details and the reports go the AGM 2021 Documentation page.

Now that Cycling UK has changed the dates for its financial year, we must submit our annual report and accounts before the end of May.
Because of Covid-19, we won't be able to hold our AGM (and Prize Presentation) as normal. Consequently, we have had to make other arrangements to undertake the business which is normally conducted via our AGM.

There is also a new link to the AGM documentation page on the main screen index.
Click on the Winged Wheel Logo, top left, from any page to go the main page.

Roger Codling Photo Competition 2021

The 2021 competition is now finished and the results are in!

To view the three winning entries and for a link to all the entries go to the Photo Competition page.

Points Competition 2021

The results of the Points competition have also been counted.

  • 1st Dave Griffiths - 211 points (mainly from leading the Inters rides)

  • 2nd Iris Foweather - 197 points (mainly from leading the Saturday Group rides)

  • 3rd Caroline Smith - 169 points (for supporting nearly all the groups)

  • Group Rides Allowed Again

    The government has relaxed the Covid rules from March 29th and this allows us to restart organising and running group rides.

    Cycling UK still recommend a maximum group size of 15 and for insurance purposes we will be using this as our maximum number on any ride.
    Additionally, many ride leaders will be keeping the maximum number in any group to 6 riders. This is both for the security of the group and to avoid problems with any cafe stops.

    To view the latest rides list go to Rides List

    Notts CTC Covid-19 Guidelines

    - Number of riders restricted to members of your own household (or bubble) -OR- no more than 2 riders from separate households!
    Failure to limit the number of riders in each group could result in the loss of insurance cover.

    - Carry your own tools
    At the very least each rider should be carrying a tool kit that would enable them to repair a puncture at the roadside.

    - Have an emergency rescue plan
    Each rider needs to have a plan on how to get home should they have a problem that is not fixable at the roadside.
    This should, preferably, not rely on other riders in the group.

    - Carry a face covering / mask
    1. An increasing number of venues require a mask to be worn indoors
    2. Should you need assistance with a bike repair, both riders should be masked as they will be less than 2 metres apart
    3. If you need public transport to get home, masks are currently compulsory
    4. In the event of you developing Covid symptoms on a ride you would need to protect other riders.

    - Carry hand sanitiser
    Basic hygiene, especially if picnicking.

    - Do NOT come on a ride, i.e. self isolate
    Current advice is to not leave home for 10 days should you have symptoms of Covid, or you have tested positive.
    This also applies if anyone in your houshold has tested positive, has symptoms or you have returned from a quarantine country in the last 14 days.

    For more information on the full Risk Assessment, please click here

    Committee Meetings

    Committee meetings take place every 2 months generally on the first Monday of the month. For minutes of previous meetings please speak to the secretary.

    The next meeting will be held once Covid restrictions are lifted. Watch this page for details.

    100 Women in Cycling 2020

    Notts CTC member and ride leader Susan Young has recently been named by cycling charity Cycling UK as one of its 100 Women in Cycling for 2020.

    As part of its campaign to persuade more women to take to a cycle, Cycling UK names 100 inspirational women each year, who are encouraging others to experience the joy of cycling.

    Susan has been chosen as part of this year's list because of her involvement across many aspects of cycling.
    Not surprisingly, she uses her bike for most of her own local journeys and also cycles for leisure with Notts CTC and others.
    However, Susan also helps to give others the confidence to cycle in her role as an instructor with Ridewise and she has played an active role for many years with local cycle campaigning group Pedals.

    Susan and her Brompton                      Susan and her Brompton

    Women's Festival of Cycling

    In 2020 we ran a variety of rides to celebrate the Cycling UK's Women's Festival of Cycling

    We are offering all women the opportunity to experience the pleasure of cycling in a small friendly group. You will be able to meet up with female members of Notts CTC, who cycle regularly for utility and for pleasure.
    These are social rides and will be led at a conversational speed, by experienced ride leaders from Notts CTC.

    Full details of all the rides can be found on the Notts CTC facebook page.

    Rides will be run subject to government advice and CyclingUK guidelines so we are asking participants to register in advance.
    Please bring your own refreshments, especially on the longer rides.
    For more information or to book a place please email: or phone 07963 269 159

    Government advice and Cycling UK guidelines state we can currently have a maximum of 6 in a group, keeping 2 metres apart at all times. We have several ride leaders so can take more than 1 group for any ride. Rides may change or be cancelled should guidance change.

    We are asking people not to attend if they have tested positive or have exhibited symptoms of Covid-19 within the last 7 days or if anyone within their household has done so within the last 14 days.

    Contributions to Cyclonda

    Contributions of articles, photo, news etc to Cyclonda are welcome and should be sent to the editor, Cathy Melia (tel: 0115 986 4342, email:

    If possible, please send any articles in either plain text or MS Word 2003 format. If there are a lot of photos or large attachments then please email Cathy before sending. Typed (or even hand-written) text and printed photos are also acceptable.

    Last updated 27 May 2021