Following a couple of relatively serious accidents on club runs a few years ago, the committee has sought advice from CTC Headquarters about measures which should be taken to ensure that the club is seen to be doing enough to promote safe riding. As a result, a number of actions are now being taken. They are:

1. The CTC Guide to Cycling with a Group and a Notts CTC Code of Conduct are being issued to all of our regular riders and will be issued, in future, to all new riders.
2. The CTC Guidelines for Group Leaders are being sent, together with an accompanying letter, to all of our ride leaders. Both documents will be provided, in future, to any new ride leaders when they are registered with CTC Headquarters.
3. Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures have been produced and are now available if a member wants to make a complaint about another member. It’s to be hoped that these procedures don’t need to be used, but they have to be there.
4. All of the relevant documents will be made available from the Notts CTC website or, for those without internet access, through our Secretary – Terry Scott.

Please take time to read the relevant documents. They’re based on good common sense and many years of experience of group riding. Probably all of us, no matter how experienced, can benefit from them in some way. Certainly, they’re likely to be very helpful to those new to group riding or to leading rides.

Enjoy your cycling and stay safe.